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Brand: Jockey Briefs
Magazine: Men's Health
Date: September 2002

...Sex in advertising, as in life, is here to stay. Its expression will be dynamic, changing to reflect the attitudes of its time.


As we've seen, when used well, it is a powerful technique that attracts, is remembered, communicates, and persuades. Of all the ads shown in this review, more than half were tested by G&R, and their overall recall scores averaged 77% above their respective product norms. It was similarly powerful with both men and women.

But the technique does not guarantee success, as seen in the wide range of obtained scores, a range that went from one-third of norm to more than 4 times above. Its power is such that it can easily overwhelm the product and advertiser, reader reactions will be highly negative, not merely indifferent, as with many other advertising techniques.

Still, sex is a beguiling approach, one with a potentially high payout that's laced with real risk. As we said in our introduction, handle with care...
seller beware.

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